6 Signs of Termites in Your New Home

Purchasing a new home is an exciting event, with a lot of details and pieces that have to come together to make it happen. One of the concerns you may have, however, is the condition of the house you buy, especially if you suspect any ongoing problems. If your home inspector sees these six signs, you might have a termite infestation that you’ll need to exterminate, which can change the direction of negotiations.

1. Droppings

Droppings are usually a pretty good sign that a creature or host of creatures has moved in, and termites leave theirs as a clue too. If you see odd amounts of sawdust or tiny, wood-colored mounds on your floors, you might have an infestation on your hands. If the area has a lot of sawdust or the home hasn’t had residents for a while, you might want to look for other signs to confirm your suspicions.

2. Holes and Cracks

Termites consume the wood holding your house together by extracting pieces small enough for them to eat, which leaves behind multiple holes no bigger than a nail. If you see several of these holes in the same area, you should have an inspector check for termites. By the time you notice cracks in the wood, you may be too late; the termites have already eaten the wood from the inside.

3. Warped Wood

As termites eat, especially drywood termites, they release moisture into the air around them — or, in some cases, into the wood. If your new house has a lot of stuck windows and warped doors, this could be water damage, but this also is likely a sign of a termite infection. Open and close each window and door as you go through the house, and if you suspect termites, call an inspector to verify.

4. Mud Formations

Subterranean termites will use mud to form tubes that bridge between the main colony and their food source: your new house. If you see tunnel-like formations stretching up the base of your outside walls, you can assuredly break apart the soil and debris covering wood chips and find termites moving in to bring food to their colony. 

Other varieties of termites will use the same mixture to cover broader areas as they search for a food source. Look for broad patches of mud near the ground or on trees near the property; if you see them anywhere near the house, you should be prepared for termites to give you trouble at some point. Have an inspector clear your home and put up pest deterrents to keep them from coming too close.

5. Wings

Termites grow translucent or white wings as they mature, but in the breeding process, the wings peel off and will fall to the ground unnoticed. If you see piles of small, silvery wings near the edges of rooms, you most likely have a nearby termite nest or have had one recently.

6. Swarmers

When termites leave their nest, usually in the spring or fall, they tend to do so in a swarm. If someone manages to see a cloud of termites during the walkthrough of your new home, you should assume you have a nest not far away. Your inspector may be able to recommend local exterminators to help you deal with these pests and enjoy your newly purchased property.

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