Why a Termite Inspection is a Must for Potential Homeowners

Not Your Normal Home Inspection

For many potential buyers, it is commonly believed that a full-home inspection is more or less required before buying a home, even if a seller has already conducted an inspection and offered their seller’s disclosures. 

A buyer has a lot on their mind during this period of wondering whether to say yes to a home or not. Dreams of renovations, furniture, decoration, entertaining guests, whether the way that the master bedroom window lets in sunlight will annoy you and wake you up earlier than you wish—there are many things that dominate your headspace when considering an investment. 

However, it would do you well to not let your dreams take too strong of a hold on you and distract you from essential, practical matters that can make or break your buying decision. If left unheeded, you may end up regretting your purchase. 

One of these matters is a specific type of home inspection, which is the termite inspection, and we are going to show you why you should not skip out on having an expert conduct a termite inspection, before you put down money on the house. 

Termites are a Different Kind of Insect

The thing about termites that distinguish them from your regular set of creepy-crawlies is that, unlike, say, cockroaches, termites are not easily visible to you. In fact, they are tiny, and near-invisible, yet a termite infestation can do untold damage to your home. 

Even if your potential new home looks next to perfect on the house inspection, if there are termites present, they can make short work in populating, then chewing through the wood in your home—which can include wood that is important to the structure of your home, and, therefore, your safety. 

Expert Eyes

So, you are unlikely to spot a termite on your own, until it is too late and you are looking at the ruined wood of your beautiful new home. Not fun, but, lucky for you, this can be easily prevented by investing in an expert termite inspection

At Wright Choice Home Inspections, it is not just one type of insect that we search for in our thorough inspections. We search for, yes, termites, but also carpenter bees, carpenter ants, and powder post beetles. 

We also work directly with Black Diamond Pest Control to lend an extra level of expertise to our inspections. If we find anything problematic, we can get to quick work in finding you a solution. Do not worry—we will handle getting in contact with Black Diamond, and taking care of the issue. 

Seller Beware

For buyers, you will likely receive a (hopefully honest) seller’s disclosure detailing any problems from a traditional home inspection, which may not include a termite inspection. It could do you well to reach out to the seller and ask if they conducted a termite inspection, and if not, then whether they would be fine with taking on some of the costs of an inspection—especially if an infestation is found. 

For termite inspection and other home inspection needs, be sure to reach out to us on our website!

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