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Why a Termite Inspection is a Must for Potential Homeowners

Not Your Normal Home Inspection For many potential buyers, it is commonly believed that a full-home inspection is more or less required before buying a home, even if a seller has already conducted an inspection and offered their seller’s disclosures.  A buyer has a lot on their mind during this period of wondering whether to […]

Buying a Home – House Hunting Checklist

House Hunting Checklist When buying a home, it’s hard to remember what you’ve seen in every house. Our “House Hunting Checklist” will help you keep track of it all. Buying a home in this fast-paced real estate market is hectic. After awhile, everything starts to blend together. Wright Choice Home Inspection knows this and we […]

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What Residents Need to Know About Home Inspections

For many residents, home inspections can be a source of dread and anxiety. Having a worker come into their home to install or repair something is one thing, but to have them judge their home is another. After all, it is possible that the worker could discover something that you may not want to know […]